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how to reload??

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Can you  please someday add a 3rd person mode? for a better experience  that would be really amazing!! for a better experience 

I LOVE thief. And this is great!

Really hope there will be more of this.

did it without shooting a single bullet! it was my first playthrough as well. only took me about 3 tries as well.

it was really fun, and actually pretty damn difficult. i spent most of the time just trying to keep track of their patterns and finding new paths in shadows so i could sneak up on them. the hardest challenge was the 2 dudes facing eachother, i guess i got lucky there.

but anyway, it was a really good game, best of luck working further on it if you are going to.

I like this a lot. I would love to see more levels for this game :)


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Really fun.

I could put some serious time into this game if it had something like procedurally generated levels.


how to reload?? sorry :v

its a bit broken lights go off seethrough textures