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In the end you will kill yourself

Game was a fun play, simple good ole fun

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strange game

Well. That was....something!

Very fun for a quick playthrough. Creative enemies, and the gunplay was surprisingly fluid and fun. Enjoyed making this vid!

Thanks for developing it. Keep at it, and enjoy the Lumps Play <3. 


Very addictive game, kind of rage inducing, but a lot of fun!

A quick play.
I liked this game, but sadly I sucked at it haha

Wow what a game! Compellingly strange, i really enjoyed it. Are those things spider cats? I did a Lets Play of it along with some other gems from Itch. 

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Thanks mate! Pretty cool you picked up on the cat spider thing. They are like a spider that grew out of the cat, dragging their corpse along with them. Here's a closer view:


Love the cat spiders, great combination and even more horrible now you've described how they get here. Great game!