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the way it controls is awesome, I loved the feeling of everything!

I love the way the sea looked and the boat bobbed, the waves felt genuinely scary. Though it was pretty immersion breaking to see a buoy off in the distance that I thought we were moving towards, but after waiting for some time realised we would never reach.

I have no idea what the notes on the ground were about, at all. Or the computer. There were parts that seemed to be about suicide, or about letting the people you love know that you love them, not bottling things up... I got a lot of that from the ending and computer note.

Which, on the ending, I have no idea how I guessed the code, but is there a way to figure it out without guessing??

Anyway, great atmosphere and visuals. I'm very curious about the story, if there's anything to figure out or if its supposed to be left ambiguous.

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I'm not sure if I ended the game. I completed the puzzle with the lights, then the door opened, I saw the hanged man and butterflies. Then some text, and "Thanks S." Idk if S stands for Sarah or Suzana, either way, I'm really confused. It was still very good tho.

Is there an alternate ending?

the linux version won't start, im running the latest version of linux mint

Right click, go to properties and allow execution, then just double click


idk why but i started crying when i read the notes on the ground and computer

Hi! I experienced a glitch where the camera would look up into the sky and go in a circle. Sadly I couldn't play the game.